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Renting or Buying?

While there are circumstances under which renting may be more advantageous than owning the place where you live, over the longer term owning your own property is without doubt the smarter option:

Peace of mind - Firstly, you won’t have a landlord dictating to you or inconveniencing you by giving notice to vacate or sending prospective buyers to view the property. In your own property you can live undisturbed for as long as you like and until you decide when to sell and move on. Or you could make alterations to suit a changing lifestyle.

Easier on your budget - With your own property your bond repayments remain the same apart from interest fluctuations. After a few years your income will have increased and your bond repayments will make less of an impact on your budget. If you rent your rental escalates each year and will always be a major factor in your budget. For example, if your rental is R3 500 today and escalates by 10% each year you would pay double that (yes R7 000) in eight years’ time! Yet you would have nothing to show for it.

Increased flexibility - If you rent you may never skip a payment. If for some unforeseen reason you cannot meet the rental payment it remains legally due even if you move out. In fact, you may be liable for the rental for the unexpired period of the lease. With a bond you may be allowed to skip a payment now and again such as some banks are advertising now. You may also negotiate a lower payment.

Creating wealth - Property prices have been increasing at double digit percentages for many years now. Someone who had bought a property for say R300 000 five years ago can now sell it for R500 000 or more. Although the current economic climate will cause a slow-down, property prices will continue to rise for at least two reasons: There is only so much available land and the increasing demand due to the increasing portion of the population able to buy property will inevitably push up prices. Secondly, the cost of building is increasing continuously, elevating along with it the prices of established real estate.

You are worth more - As a property owner you will enjoy an enhanced wealth status. It will contribute to your ability to obtain finance and can be pledged as security for a loan. Once paid off it can be your nest-egg for retirement or you could take out a reverse-mortgage to provide an income. Eventually, you can bequeath it to your heirs.  But you can do none of these if you had been renting all along…

Rent it out - Become the landlord yourself! Let your tenant help you pay off your property. Rental property is always in demand. For every one sales inquiry we receive there are at least five rental inquiries! 

Home • Up • For Sale • Rentals • Monthly Newsletters • Eco Park Estate • Centurion Central • Highveld • Centurion West • Bond Calculator • Home Loans • Transfer Costs • Investor Seminars • Contact Us

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