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Need a home loan?
Deposits not compulsory

ABSA, FNB, Nedbank, Investec and Standard Bank will consider approving loans up to 100% in general.  Eskom provides up to 104% loans (to include costs) to their employees.

When you are considering lending money from the bank to buy property, a home loan is required.  Please see our bond calculator to calculate your repayments on the price of your desired home.  Should you need to finance a larger % of your home, or buy a new home, please speak to a bond consultant or email us on info@centurionrealstate.co.za,  to find out what is possible.

We can also get a home loan consultant to come and see you should that be required.  Note that home loan debt is still one of the cheapest forms of credit there is in terms of the interest % charged and is seen as 'good credit' as you are financing an asset, something that has the potential to grow in value, unlike credit for cars, furniture, clothing and groceries, which is seen as 'bad credit'.

In terms of loans, banks limit loans to 100% Loan-to-value.  This means the bank will lend you up to 100% of the perceived market value of the property you are purchasing.

The National Credit Act, which came into effect a while ago, request that banks verify that clients can afford the said loan.  In terms of the requirements, the client needs to show that there is enough money to service the bond.  This is calculated by taking the client's total monthly income and deduct total monthly expenses.  I.e. if the income is R20000 and expenses R15000, the client will have R5000 available to service a bond.

Banks do not enjoy doing repossessions.  They are not in the business of selling repossessed properties and as such do so only to recover bad debts.  But in a depressed real estate market, it is not really that easy to get a good price on a repossessed property, due to outstanding rates and taxes and other expenses.

Costs, such as transfer fees are no longer financed by any of the 4 big banks.  Fixed rates are possible at around prime +1 for up to 2 years, and higher rates for longer periods allowing you to plan better as your home loan expense is fixed.

Some banks also discontinued their payment holiday option, where it was possible to skip payments.

You can obtain your financing from any of the banks directly as soon as you have your OTP (Offer to purchase) in place, obtainable from CenturionRealEstate, or you can make use of our bond consultants, Ooba, who will manage the process for you at no extra cost. 

Contact Us
Who is helping you with your property needs in Centurion? 
We can assist in terms of buying, selling or rental management services.

Buying Property
 Home loan assistance.
 Property transfer services.
Consistent large selection of available properties available.
Highest level of ethical standards and good follow through.
Easy to navigate up to date website in readable format.
Centurion area knowledge and experience.

Selling Property
 Our property consultants can evaluate your home in terms of past sales in the area, free. 
 In order to sell your property within your timeframe*, you need to work with an experienced agent to obtain market value.  *We have sold within 2hrs of receiving property for sale!
 This will ensure many visits from potential buyers and will help you find the right buyer - you only need 1. 
 If you have outgrown your current home, you need to advertise where more than 45,000 website visitors have searched for property, more than 10,000 buyers have registered and more than 300 Centurion sellers have sold their properties recently. 
 Get direct exposure to investors and cash buyers.  Let us help you. 
High visibility.
Focused spending on marketing your property.
 Fresh, bold and innovative marketing of your property.

Rental Management
 Let Us Handle the Hassles!
 Screen Tenants
 TPN Membership
 Advertise Property and Collect Rent
 Inspect Property and Protect Your Investment
 End your frustrations with non performing rental agents
Experience the best rental administration services
Competitive fees
We look after the tenant, the property and the owner
Monthly statements


Visit our new storefront office
17 Eco Boulevard Centre
Witch Hazel Avenue, 
Eco Park Estate,
Highveld, Centurion 

Learn more about our exciting initiatives,
fabulous properties
or to meet one of our agents. 

We look forward to seeing you soon!  Our office number is 012-661-5144.

General sales queries & newsletter subscriptions: info@centurionrealestate.co.za 
General rental queries:

Our Estate Agents and Property Professionals for Centurion
Johan on 082 905 9800 (Eco Park Estate  Highveld  Die Hoewes  Lyttelton  Centurion CBD  The Reeds   Kosmosdal  Summefield Estate  Close to Gautrain Station)
Julia on 082 796 4873 (Doringkloof  Lyttelton  Die Hoewes  Zwartkop  Hennopspark  Clubview  Eldoraigne  Wierdapark  Rooihuiskraal North) 
Trudey 082 796 4871
(Eldoraigne  Amberfield  Rooihuiskraal  Raslouw  Celtisdal Heuwelsig Heuwelsig Estate Heuweloord Rooihuiskraal)
Mariana on 082 775 5140 (Eco Park Estate  Highveld)
Magda on 083 266 0987 (Lyttelton  Die Hoewes  Centurion CBD Doringkloof)

Wanda on 083 770 6332
(Eldoraigne  Amberfield  Rooihuiskraal  Raslouw  Celtisdal Heuwelsig Heuwelsig Estate Heuweloord Rooihuiskraal)

Michelle on 076 390 1282 (Eldoraigne  Amberfield  Rooihuiskraal  Raslouw  Celtisdal Heuwelsig Heuwelsig Estate Heuweloord Rooihuiskraal)

Wilna on 083 266 0987 (Clubview  Valhalla Eldoraigne Wierda Park)

Free monthly newsletter
If you would like to receive our newsletter, which is a valuable property informative on property trends for informed decision making please send us your email address to info@centurionrealestate.co.za?subject=I would like to receive...

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Benefit from buying or selling your home through Centurion Real Estate in Centurion. 
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We place a strong focus on safe and secure properties in various security estates. 
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