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Transfer Cost Guide

Understanding the difference between Transfer "DUTY" and Transfer "COSTS"

This is a guideline of the costs levied on the sale of properties.  Many see transfer duty to mean transfer costs!  When they come to view one of our properties that are priced at R910 000 they say that they would rather buy for R900 000 as there are no transfer costs, in other words nothing to pay.  This is not the case.  The difference in total costs of a property of R900000 and R910000 is merely R300 in transfer duty. 

Transfer cost and transfer duty are two separate items and transfer duty is only a small part of transfer costs to be paid in a property transaction.  For example, a property of R900 000 will have transfer duty of R0 (Zero) but transfer fees of approximately R35 000.  Banks don't finance transfer costs or transfer duties, so savings is needed before you enter into a property purchase transaction.  This implies a client probably would have to rent until the funds have been saved up, for first time buyer who are not able to utilise the profit of a previous sale to buy a new property.  There are ways to finance these costs with other means such as a personal loan or the budget facility on a credit card, but be careful as these loans carry a higher percentage of interest that that of the home loan itself.  Howeverm home loan debt is one of the cheapest forms of credit there is in terms of the interest % charged and period allowed over which to repay the loan.  

Here are all the details regarding transfer costs and transfer duty.  Please email info@centurionrealestate.co.za for more information. 

Total Cost Table 1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018

The Law Society of the Northern Provinces publishes a guideline on fees that conveyancing attorneys charge. 
Please consult your conveyancer for a quote on the fees of your particular transaction.  

The below serves as a guideline of total costs in a property transaction.

Estimated Total Costs* SARS Transfer Duty Deed Search Fee Transfer Attorney incl. VAT Deeds Office Fee FICA Verification Bond Registration Postage Bank Valuation Total  
R500,000 ZERO R118 R11,500 R815 R500 R9,500 R1,000 R6,000 R29,433  
R550,000 ZERO R118 R11,845 R815 R500 R9,785 R1,000 R6,000 R30,063  
R600,000 ZERO R118 R12,200 R815 R500 R10,079 R1,000 R6,000 R30,712  
R650,000 ZERO R118 R12,566 R815 R500 R10,381 R1,000 R6,000 R31,380  
R700,000 ZERO R118 R12,943 R815 R500 R10,692 R1,000 R6,000 R32,069  
R750,000 ZERO R118 R13,332 R815 R500 R11,013 R1,000 R6,000 R32,778  
R800,000 ZERO R118 R13,732 R815 R500 R11,343 R1,000 R6,000 R33,508  
R850,000 ZERO R118 R14,144 R815 R500 R11,684 R1,000 R6,000 R34,260  
R900,000 ZERO R118 R14,568 R815 R500 R12,034 R1,000 R6,000 R35,035  
R950,000 R1,500 R118 R15,005 R815 R500 R12,395 R1,000 R6,000 R37,333  
R1,000,000 R3,000 R118 R15,455 R815 R500 R12,767 R1,000 R6,000 R39,655  
R1,050,000 R4,500 R118 R15,919 R815 R500 R13,150 R1,000 R6,000 R42,002  
R1,100,000 R6,000 R118 R16,396 R815 R500 R13,545 R1,000 R6,000 R44,374  
R1,150,000 R7,500 R118 R16,888 R815 R500 R13,951 R1,000 R6,000 R46,772  
R1,200,000 R9,000 R118 R17,395 R815 R500 R14,370 R1,000 R6,000 R49,197  
R1,250,000 R10,500 R118 R17,917 R815 R500 R14,801 R1,000 R6,000 R51,650  
R1,300,000 R13,500 R118 R18,454 R815 R500 R15,245 R1,000 R6,000 R55,632  
R1,350,000 R16,500 R118 R19,008 R815 R500 R15,702 R1,000 R6,000 R59,643  
R1,400,000 R19,500 R118 R19,578 R815 R500 R16,173 R1,000 R6,000 R63,684  
R1,450,000 R22,500 R118 R20,165 R815 R500 R16,658 R1,000 R6,000 R67,757  
R1,500,000 R25,500 R118 R20,770 R815 R500 R17,158 R1,000 R6,000 R71,861  
R1,550,000 R28,500 R118 R21,393 R815 R500 R17,673 R1,000 R6,000 R75,999  
R1,600,000 R31,500 R118 R22,035 R815 R500 R18,203 R1,000 R6,000 R80,171  
R1,650,000 R34,500 R118 R22,696 R815 R500 R18,749 R1,000 R6,000 R84,378  
R1,700,000 R37,500 R118 R23,377 R815 R500 R19,312 R1,000 R6,000 R88,622  
R1,750,000 R40,500 R118 R24,078 R815 R500 R19,891 R1,000 R6,000 R92,902  
R1,800,000 R44,500 R118 R24,801 R815 R500 R20,488 R1,000 R6,000 R98,221  
R1,850,000 R48,500 R118 R25,545 R815 R500 R21,102 R1,000 R6,000 R103,580  
R1,900,000 R52,500 R118 R26,311 R815 R500 R21,735 R1,000 R6,000 R108,979  
R1,950,000 R56,500 R118 R27,101 R815 R500 R22,387 R1,000 R6,000 R114,421  
R2,000,000 R60,500 R118 R27,914 R815 R500 R23,059 R1,000 R6,000 R119,906  
* Costs given as a guideline only, actual total cost quotation can be obtained from your attoney  

For more info, contact the Law Society of the Northern Provinces who publishes a guideline on fees that conveyancing attorneys charge. 
Please consult your conveyancer for a quote on the fees of your particular transaction. 

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 If you have outgrown your current home, you need to advertise where more than 45,000 website visitors have searched for property, more than 10,000 buyers have registered and more than 300 Centurion sellers have sold their properties recently. 
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to learn more about our exciting initiatives, fabulous properties or to meet one of our agents. 
Our office number is 012-661-5144. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Estate Agents and Property Professionals for Centurion by area

Johan johan@centurionrealestate.co.za  on 082 905 9800 (Eco Park Estate  Highveld  Die Hoewes  Lyttelton  Centurion CBD  The Reeds   Kosmosdal  Summefield Estate  and everything close to Gautrain Station)

Julia julia@centurionrealestate.co.za on 082 796 4873 (Doringkloof  Lyttelton  Die Hoewes  Zwartkop  Hennopspark  Clubview  Eldoraigne  Wierdapark  Rooihuiskraal North) 
Trudey trudey@centurionrealestate.co.za
on 082 796 4871
(Eldoraigne  Amberfield  Rooihuiskraal  Raslouw  Celtisdal Heuwelsig Heuwelsig Estate Heuweloord Rooihuiskraal)
Mariana mariana@centurionrealestate.co.za on 082 775 5140 (Eco Park Estate  Highveld)
Magda magda@centurionrealestate.co.za
on 082 221 5718 (Lyttelton  Die Hoewes  Centurion CBD Doringkloof)

Wanda wanda@centurionrealestate.co.za on 083 770 6332 (Eldoraigne  Amberfield  Rooihuiskraal  Raslouw  Celtisdal Heuwelsig Heuwelsig Estate Heuweloord Rooihuiskraal)

Hangwi hangwi@centurionrealestate.co.za on 072 905 7826 (Midrand  Buccleauch  Highveld  Zwartkop  Centurion Golf Estate Midrand Estates including a group of residential estates: Midstream, Midstream Heights, Midfield, Midlands, Midstream Ridge, Midstream Hill, Midstream Meadows and Retire@Midstream Heuwelsig Estate Heuweloord Rooihuiskraal)

Amanda amanda@centurionrealestate.co.za on 081 412 4306 (Stoneridge  Celtisdal Monavoni Olivenhoutbosch Thatchfield The Reeds Heuweloord)
Hlali hlali@centurionrelestate.co.za on 082 308 6990 (Doringkloof  Highveld Hoewes)

Cleo cleo@centurionrealestate.co.za on 081 317 0240 (Highveld Hoewes)

Pulane pulane@centurionrealestate.co.za on 081 317 5229 (Highveld Hoewes)
Kenneth kenneth@centurionrealestate.co.za on 062 461 3831 (Blue Valley Estate  Valley View Estate Midrand Kosmosdal The Reeds Country View Estate The Reeds Centurion Golf Estate)



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