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· Which types of properties show the best investment returns
· Which area in which to buy and why.
· How to make your property appealing to sellers - tips that work.
· Market commentary - recession seems to be over, is it now the time to buy?
· How to buy property
· What role does interest on your bond play?
· Interesting property facts
· Getting on the property ladder...
· Why we are different
· Centurion Townhouses - Best buys



Purchase requirements

Minimum document requirements as required by the Financial Intelligence Act (FICA):
(1)  Copy of Identity Document.

(2)  Proof of residence.


Minimum document requirements for obtaining a bond:

(1)   3 Month bank statement for permanent employed salaried clients OR 6 month bank statement if self employed.
(2)   Last salary slip if permanently employed OR 6 months payslips and annual financial statements if self employed.

(3)   Statement of income and expenses (eg. Gross salary less PAYE, insurance, telephone, fuel, groceries, school fees, etc.)

(4)    Offer to purchase.PDF (click here to download)

* Banks use the above information to do a calculation in terms of affordability by checking if all your existing debt repayments (e.g store cards, vehicle finance) including the new bond repayment will be less than 30% of your gross salary AND if you can afford the monthly repayment by checking if the repayment is less than your gross salary less all your expenses as provided.  Banks cross check the list of expenses given against your bank statement.  Any return debit orders, judgement debt or bad credit information will result in an immediate rejection.


What is the Voetstoots clause?

The voetstoots clause does not exist in its own right. It is an age-old common law “antidote” the sole purpose of which is to counter the effect of the common law warranty upon a seller against latent defects in the property sold.  Please be aware that pre-owned properties where the buyers and sellers are private individuals, is not subject to the Consumer Protection Act and therefore no warrantees are given on the condition of properties when sold and are in most cases sold as is except for specifically agreed improvements between buyer and seller contained in the purchase agreement should they wish to specify them.   Sellers are therefore still entitled to the protection provided by the voetstoots clause.  Unfortunately many sellers are being deprived of this common law right to rely on this much-needed protection against latent defects by badly drafted estate agents’ agreements and the so-called “property condition report” attached to them. 



Contact Us

Management Office

Visit our office at 17 Eco Boulevard Centre, Witch Hazel Ave, Eco Park, Highveld, Centurion,

to learn more about our exciting initiatives, fabulous properties or to meet one of our agents. 
Our office number is 012-661-5144. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Estate Agents and Property Professionals for Centurion by area

• Johan johan@centurionrealestate.co.za  on 082 905 9800 (Eco Park Estate • Highveld • Die Hoewes • Lyttelton • Centurion CBD • The Reeds •  Kosmosdal • Summefield Estate • and everything close to Gautrain Station)

Julia julia@centurionrealestate.co.za on 082 796 4873 (Doringkloof • Lyttelton • Die Hoewes • Zwartkop • Hennopspark • Clubview • Eldoraigne • Wierdapark • Rooihuiskraal North) 

Trudey trudey@centurionrealestate.co.za
on 082 796 4871
(Eldoraigne • Amberfield • Rooihuiskraal • Raslouw • Celtisdal • Heuwelsig • Heuwelsig Estate • Heuweloord • Rooihuiskraal)

Mariana mariana@centurionrealestate.co.za on 082 775 5140 (Eco Park Estate • Highveld)

Magda magda@centurionrealestate.co.za
on 082 221 5718 (Lyttelton • Die Hoewes • Centurion CBD • Doringkloof)

Wanda wanda@centurionrealestate.co.za on 083 770 6332 (Eldoraigne • Amberfield • Rooihuiskraal • Raslouw • Celtisdal • Heuwelsig • Heuwelsig Estate • Heuweloord • Rooihuiskraal)

Hangwi hangwi@centurionrealestate.co.za on 072 905 7826
(Midrand • Buccleauch • Highveld • Zwartkop • Centurion Golf Estate • Midrand Estates including a group of residential estates: Midstream, Midstream Heights, Midfield, Midlands, Midstream Ridge, Midstream Hill, Midstream Meadows and Retire@Midstream • Heuwelsig Estate • Heuweloord • Rooihuiskraal)

Amanda amanda@centurionrealestate.co.za on 081 412 4306 (Stoneridge • Celtisdal • Monavoni • Olivenhoutbosch • Thatchfield • The Reeds • Heuweloord)

Hlali hlali@centurionrelestate.co.za on 082 308 6990 (Doringkloof • Highveld • Hoewes)

cleo@centurionrealestate.co.za on 081 317 0240 (Highveld • Hoewes)

Pulane pulane@centurionrealestate.co.za on 081 317 5229 (Highveld • Hoewes)

• Kenneth kenneth@centurionrealestate.co.za on 062 461 3831 (
Blue Valley Estate • Valley View Estate • Midrand • Kosmosdal • The Reeds • Country View Estate • The Reeds • Centurion Golf Estate)



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Benefit from buying or selling your home through Centurion Real Estate in Centurion. 
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We place a strong focus on safe and secure properties in various security estates. 
Our specialty is Centurion townhouses and houses.
Properties for sale R450000 to R6 million. 
Rentals R4000 to R25000 per month.